Mr. O'Connor's Class Website

This website has been constructed and is maintained by Mr. O'Connor, Computer Science teacher at South Forsyth High School, Cumming, GA, to supplement the web resources provided by Forsyth County Schools. Some of the content may have been developed by students and is on display here so they can brag to their friends and family members (it's kind of hard to hang a Java app on the refrigerator door).

I share this site with some of my colleagues at SFHS, so if you have been sent here by some other teacher, please enjoy the cool stuff. Hopefully, you will come to the conclusion that you should also be in Computer Science classes.

If you are an Android techie and know how to download and install apps that don't come from Google Play, then download VoteFreddie.apk and let your phone send in votes while you're busy doing productive work (obviously, I did not have that burden today).



Welcome to Varsity Thinking!

Success in the work place is all about problem solving, and there's no better discipline to help you develop and sharpen your problem solving skills than Computer Science and Information Technology.

At SFHS our current CS courses focus mainly on programming, but the fields of CS and IT allows you to solve problems using hardware, software, networking, people skills, and systems analysis. IT professionals often know the most about the companies they work in, since they have to learn all aspects of the business to develop and support the IT systems.